Emily Beeson

The Power of Peace

Learn how to embrace the power of peace through the 10 Practical P’s on the Path to Peaceful Parenting. (Yes. It’s a mouthful!) Emily will lead a discussion in this workshop that will help you understand the spiritual whys and the practical hows to having more peace in your home.
In the words of Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin, “The value of peace within our hearts cannot be measured. When we are at peace, we can be free of worry and fear, knowing that with the Lord’s help, we can do all that is expected or required of us. We can approach every day, every task, and every challenge with assurance and confidence in the outcome. We have freedom of thought and action, freedom to be happy.”


Emily Beeson studied Marriage, Family, and Human Development at BYU. (Go Cougars!) After she graduated in 2003, she and her hubby began developing 4 little humans of their own. Emily’s mom had her reading books about homeschool before she even had kids, so she has (mostly) always taught those little humans at home. She loves it! And they do, too!
Emily blogs at Homespun Light and Latter-day Homeschooling, where she often blabs about deliciously clean reads. She’ll take a great book over chocolate cake any day. Last year, she busily helped found InSight Liberal Arts, a new commonwealth school in Riverton, UT. She is currently in love with The Family School curriculum from Latter-day Learning, a branch of American Heritage School. Visit my blog, Homespun Light.

Price: $5.00
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